Revisiting my thesis…

Before delving into new ideas and writing a whole bunch of new material, I’ve decided to revisit some of my existing writing – starting with my M.A. thesis from 2012.  It’s been an interesting exercise thus far.  It’s amazing how much has changed – both my feelings on the subject, and the subject matter.

The title of my thesis was “Waste of Place: Heritage Conservation in the context of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act” which was an awesome topic to look at…until the Act changed while the ink on my thesis was drying, and not for the better.  Add to that my positive and negative experiences with civic engagement (on both sides of the table) and my growing concerns with unsustainable resource extraction, energy and development projects, I’ve had to really rethink my presentation of some of the material in my thesis. There is, nonetheless, some really good material in there (in my humble opinion).

And so, here’s the stripped down version of my third chapter, Cultural Heritage Values: some historical background. I’ve set up a new “papers etc.” page to house this paper and future papers that I will hopefully write in the future (or that I find on my desktop and decide to revisit).


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