Day 5 – Go even more paperless

Since I put a “no flyers please” sign on the mailbox earlier this week, I’ve only received one flyer. It was delivered separately from the mail and I’m still debating whether I should call up the company and tell them I don’t want flyers delivered to my house. Not that I think that this company has a list of addresses to avoid, but it would alert them to the fact that, in my case, their flyers are a waste of money and make me not want to buy their blinds. It would certainly support my fifth new habit, which is to go even more paperless.

We receive most of our bills electronically, but this morning I made a list of the handful of paper mailers and I’m in the process of switching to electronic or contacting them and asking why it isn’t an option. In one case, I know we’ve tried to switch to electronic statements twice, yet paper copies keep coming. I gave up before, but this time I’m going to keep calling until paper stops coming. I’m also keeping track of periodicals as they arrive so I can look into receiving them via email.

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