Day 11 – It’s Garbage Day!

I did a pseudo-garbage audit while I was putting out our recycling and garbage this evening. More than 9 million tonnes of residential garbage makes its way to Canadian landfills every year (based on 2010 Statistics Canada numbers) and I’m tired of adding to it.

For my 11th new habit, I decided to take at least one object out of the garbage and reuse it. It wasn’t hard to find something. (Try it for yourself. Simply Google “ways to reuse your garbage” or “lifehack trash”) My main goal was to find something useful; to replace an item that I may have gone out and purchased new. Not that toothpaste tube earrings aren’t nice, I’m just not in the market for new toothpaste tube earrings.

An egg carton caught my eye, because I was going to have to go out and buy more containers for seedlings for my kitchen garden – check!  There were also a couple of Tic Tac containers in the recycling that I reclaimed for leftover seeds and I washed up a few popsicle sticks for stakes to label the seedlings. While I was at it, I grabbed the take out chopsticks that sit in our drawer to use to mark plants as well.  They weren’t in the garbage yet, but we always use our own chopsticks rather than the disposable takeout ones, so they would have ended up in the garbage the next time that drawer got cleaned out.

it all starts with a seed

It all starts with a seed…

I’m looking forward to the challenge of diverting more of our garbage (and recycling).  Ideally, we can get ourselves down from one garbage bag every two weeks to one a month – or less!


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