Day 20 – Get outside!

The other day, while I was trying to decide what my 20th sustainable habit was going to be, I received an email from the David Suzuki Foundation about their 30×30 Challenge. The basic premise is a pledge to spend 30 minutes outside, everyday for 30 days (the month of May). It seemed like a great fit for my current challenge with the added benefit of receiving regular reminders to get my butt outside. It helps that it’s now warm enough to go out for walks and spend time out in the garden, but I still need to make a point of getting outside for awhile every day. What better way to meet my goal of walking instead of driving (and using less energy and water since I won’t be in the house as much). I decided to start early and have managed to get outside for at least 30 minutes every day for the past three days. Today we all headed down to Ottawa’s outdoor mall, Sparks Street, for Poutine Fest and then up to Parliament Hill for a walk. Next time, I think I’ll bring a plastic container and see if they’ll use that instead of all of that cardboard and plastic (something many take away places will do if you ask in advance).

pad thai poutine and spring roll poutine at poutine fest on sparks street

Some unusual and delicious poutines (Pad Thai Poutine and Spring Roll Poutine) at Poutine Fest

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