Day 24 – Sweat the small stuff

I am sometimes disheartened by the enormity of climate change and how insignificant the impact of one person can seem when considered on a global scale.  Last night I was doing some research into green building practices and I came across the Climate CoLab and I was reminded why my actions matter – because it’s not just me. There are like-minded individuals all over the globe who are trying to make a difference. So my 24th sustainable habit will be to not overlook small adjustments (and be happy with the fact that there’s a greater cumulative impact of which they are a part).

So this afternoon, I made my fridge just a little more efficient. I’ve noticed a little bit of top shelf freezing, so I turned the fridge temperature down a bit. I’ll take a look at it again after 24 hours to see if it needs to be adjusted anymore. I also checked the seal on the doors to make sure they were in good order. You can test the seal by placing a bill or piece of paper in the door when you close it. If it falls out or can be pulled out very easily, your seal is not very good. You can place a latch on the door to ensure that it closes tightly.  Also, as with most things, your fridge works better if it’s well maintained. Vacuuming the back of your fridge could improve its efficiency as much as 30% (if it’s particularly dusty back there).

checking the fridge seal

Checking the fridge seal

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