Day 28 – Gifts

I know I’ve already discussed cutting out most of my shopping, but since Mother’s Day is coming up, I was thinking specifically about gifts. I’ve come to the decision that there are probably still some gifts that I’m going to have to purchase…but Mother’s Day gifts do NOT fall into that category. After all, what mother doesn’t want something handmade from their grown up children?!?! Plus, this year I have the added adorableness of a baby foot stamp. I started out with a very ambitious plan of making paper with seeds in it and turning that into cards, but it hasn’t quite worked out yet and I’ve had to give up on the seed paper…for now. The problem has been execution. I didn’t want to go out and get paint, so I’ve tried a few DIY recipes that have left my daughter’s feet a bit blue from food colouring and the paint peeling off the card. I’ve still got one more day for some trial and error to get this right. If it doesn’t work out, I may have to go out and get some garden plants.

failed foot stamp #2...the cornstarch experiment

failed foot stamp #2…the cornstarch experiment

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