Day 30 – where do I go from here?

Officially my 30 sustainable habits challenge was over last week, but I’ve fallen behind on writing about it. Thirty posts in thirty days turned out to be a bit too ambitious after my daughter decided she hated naps, however, adopting thirty new sustainable habits has proven anything but. The whole family has been enjoying a lot more time outside walking places and tending to the garden. There’s also been a dip in our electricity and water consumption- although that could be due to spring’s arrival. I do have one regret about the whole process, which is that the time constraint of thirty days didn’t leave me with as much time as I would have liked to delve deeper into some of the themes that kept popping up. That leads to my final sustainable habit – research and write about sustainability issues about which I’m passionate. A bit of a cop-out, I know. But, it wraps up my 30 Day Challenge series nicely.  Since it would be too easy to just say that I’ll write some stuff about some things at some point and walk away, I’m giving myself some targets. At the very least, I’d like to write more about throwaway living and some of the issues that came up surrounding water. My goal is to publish one well-researched post every two weeks…Here’s hoping I can stick to it!!

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